Staging is preparing the home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in. It is a method that incorporates depersonalization by removing personal items like family photos and brings in home decor and furnishings that make the prospective buyer feel at home in the space. It also helps create a vision for how the space could be used. Using neutral furnishings, and adding ‘life’ to the room by adding plants, and incorporating ‘home-y’ scents such as baked bread or cookies are easy ways to make a buyer feel at home in the space. 

On average, staged homes sell for 6.5% more than vacant homes in half the average days on market!  The three steps to success are: Depersonalization, Staging, and Professional Photography.  Depersonalization involves removing family photos and moving personal items and possessions out of sight.  This helps buyers picture themselves in your home instead of being distracted by your stuff. Store your personal belongings in a storage facility, rather than stacking boxes in a room or basement.  If you have already moved out, and your home is vacant, then staging can help set the mood and help buyers visualize how the space is utilized.  The last step is professional photography.  96% of potential buyers search online first, according to the National Association of Realtors.  Professional photos make your listing stand out online. Our degreed photographer uses a DSLR camera (digital single lens reflex) with glass lenses for less distortion and supreme pixel quality over agents or homeowners who take smart phone photos. Professional photographers know how to use light and perspective to make your home look its best!

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7720 Folk Ave. - BEFORE

In this "Before" photo, you can see that it's dark, dull, and hard to get a sense of scale. You might be asking yourself "Will my furniture fit in here?"  It looks small and uninviting.

It is difficult to photograph a vacant home and if you our your agent is using a smart phone to take the photos, you will get uneven lighting and converging lines. You can see the walls look crooked and skewed. 

In addition to a buyer lacking vision, a vacant home attracts crime and can signal urgency.  If the buyer thinks you need to sell fast, you may get a lower offer.

7720 Folk Ave. - AFTER

In our "After" photo it's easy to see how staging sets the tone for this listing. The furniture adds warmth and the buyer is able to see that furniture will indeed fit in this living area. Adding the right amount of depersonalized home decor rounds out the look and creates an inviting atmosphere. Strike a balance between clean and lived-in. Think vases of cut flowers, a basket of fresh farmer's market produce on the kitchen counter or a bowl of lemons beside the sink.

Style up the dining room table. A round table will look stunning with a single arrangement in the middle, but if you have a long dining room table consider a series of smaller arrangments. Repeating patterns are pleasing and cohesive. 

Extra lighting in the living room balances out the natural light from the large picture window. Furniture is pulled away from the walls and symmetrically arranged to create an inviting, cozy area. Add in the professional photography, and you have show-stopping photos that will attract attention to your home.