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Halloween Safety Reminders . . .

Reminder for Children & Parents in the St Louis Area
Posted by Norman Polsky on October 28, 2012 in No Category
  Halloween Safety Reminders Halloween Safety Reminders It’s coming up to that time of year again when our little ghosts and goblins will be running through the streets trying to collect as much candy as possible.  Here are a few reminders to help make this Halloween season a safe and happy one for everyone. DURING TRICK-OR-TREATING:  •A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children on their neighborhood rounds.  Remind trick-or-treaters:  •... read more
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Top Upgrades That are in Demand

Take a look at what buyers are looking for when buying a home in the St Louis Area
Posted by Norman Polsky on October 28, 2012 in No Category
 Many existing homeowners choose fall to spruce up their homes and make upgrades or improvements. While some home features, such as formal living rooms, have waned in popularity as of late, there are several common improvement projects that consumers still turn toward, to increase space and improve their real estate value. Storage space Built-in bookshelves, separate laundry rooms and additional shelving are popular alterations homeowners are seeking to maximize every square inch of their home’s sp... read more
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New Home Sales Lead the Way

Real Estate News
Posted by Norman Polsky on October 24, 2012 in No Category
  New-home sales boost stocks This information was provided by MSN  this afternoon. New-home sales are the strongest in 2 years. The Fed is expected to leave rates alone. We are beginning to see these trends in the St Louis real estate market as well. Take a look at our Market Analysis page on our web-site (http://coldwellbankerpremier.com) to see what home prices are doing in your specific area. The lowest interest rates ever seem to be driving the real estate market.. Many people are waiting... read more
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Learn How to Combat Buyers Remorse

Posted by Norman Polsky on October 19, 2012 in No Category
 Most consumers are excited after buying a home and eager to begin personalizing their new property to their tastes. But owning a home is a large responsibility, and some individuals become nervous after the sale is completed and begin to have doubts about their new investment. Buyer’s remorse is a common occurrence after making such a large transaction, but just because individuals may have some reservations does not mean they made the wrong choice.   There are several benefits to owning a home a... read more
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How to Stage Your Home for Sale . . .

You only have one chance to a new listing . . .
Posted by Norman Polsky on October 02, 2012 in No Category

 Take a look at this short inteview to see what you can do to stage your home  . . . 


 Your goal is to create the WOW factor with potential buyers.

 Remember you only have one shot at being a new listing.


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